Supported Artists 2014

Anna Horton and Sophie Bullock

Anna Horton and Sophie BullockMore

We are developing a ‘light and sound playground’. We will be mixing the virtual with the actual by projecting people’s interactions with materials onto mirrored structures that can be further manipulated by the audience. Sound artists will be invited to create a responsive soundscape to the live event.

Sian Macfarlane

Sian MacfarlaneMore

An exploration of sensory space and its relationship to place. Physical acts will be used to uncover psychic relationships to places where memories were formed. Strategies will involve data gathering, ritualistic elements, signs and sigils, and the possibilities of sound; in documenting space, and through performance and transmission.

Mr Underwood

Mr Underwood

I am a sound artist and musical instrument designer. My specialism, in collaboration with David Morton as MortonUnderwood, is the creation of large, sub-bass instruments. These are often used in a musical context but can also put to darker uses, such as creating disorienting sound installations. Beware the bass.

Kate Spence

Kate SpenceMore

I will be challenging my own ideas of my identity as a woman, learning to push my perceived limitations with an amalgam of pole dancing, fire skills and a unique audio synthesis. The intention is to create a new work that rejects any apologetic notions I may feel about my body.

Demi Nandhra

Demi NandhraMore

OTHER is a ongoing autobiographical research study of heritage, identity and otherness. As an artist I am interested in referencing Edwards Said’s Orientalism to coin and question my own orientalist ideology of what I believe to constitute being  an ‘Indian’.  The project is obsessed with the consequence of imposing both symbolic distance between self and the romanticised other. Defining and testing the assumptions of ‘a contemporary Indian’ and what visual and performative messy can be produced by this exploration.

Beth Bramich

Beth Bramich

Moving Monuments is a roller disco with a difference. A one-off event which will see five monumental sculptures put in motion on the dance floor, Moving Monuments is a chance to let your hair down  and dance away your cares with some of the biggest and best artworks of the 20th and 21st Century.

Selina Thompson

Selina Thompson

It Burns It All Clean is a project about Job Centres, Unemployment and the Benefit System, the first manifestation of an ongoing project exploring what it is about this unique – and oft maligned – space that makes them feel so alienating, when people often come to them at their most vulnerable.

Bernadette Louise

Bernadette Louise

I am an Artist, Producer and Project Manager working in England.

My practice encourages discourse about the fertile body and domesticity, engaging Multimedia Live Art and Installation. Influenced by agricultural themes, parenthood, gender, health policies and statistics, I articulate personal connections and taboos. Using striking, explicit and abject imagery I am keen to explore audience’s perception of what ‘rural’ art can be.

Kayleigh Cottam

Kayleigh CottamMore

Mario Lanza, opera singer and Hollywood screen star of the 1950s, is remembered by one man in the heart of the Black Country. Iconic drawings of the late great tenor on beer mats are left in public houses throughout the region; AJW is keeping legend alive. onethousandladders wants to help…


Sustaining Your Practice Talks

These are FREE and open to all, not just the Fierce FWD beneficiaries.

How I’ve kept going

action_hero mark_storor

Weds 21 May, 6.30 – 8.30pm: How I’ve kept going
Action Hero & Mark Storor

Performance duo James Stenhouse and Gemma Pantin of Action Hero and Birmingham based artist Mark Storor, share their personal experience in staying motivated, inspired and staying afloat financially.

Location: Vivid Projects

Thinking about the discourse around your work

diana_damian james_smith

Weds 23rd July, 6.30 – 8.30pm: Thinking about the discourse around your work
Diana Damian & James Smith

Writer Diana Damian and online magazine editor James Smith, discuss the relationship of public writing to practice. They will share some examples of writing projects they have been involved in as well as exploring how to communicate your work online.

Location: A3 Projects